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Hi! I’m Jessi Lauren. I’m a professional shower singer and an unprofessional parallel parker. However, please note that my number one talent is laughing too loud. I’ve learnt to make my peace with it. 

My husband and I live in Brockville, Ontario. A beautiful small town outside of Ottawa. Being a travel bug in a homebody, I enjoy working in the city and returning home to the country. 



I’ve been able to live in central America for a few months. Living a very simple life has brought a lot of perspective. I never take hot showers for granted. Or electricity. Or Wifi.

When I came back to Canada, I met a guy who had a cool looking flask at a party. The flask guy turned out to be a pretty epic story in my life. We have been married for two years now.







I can’t begin to express what being a full time Ottawa wedding photographer means to me. I’m grateful to wake up everyday to do what I love most. 

I’m inspired by genuine people and live to travel. I love to experience life while letting go of the outcome. To explore with curiosity and wonder.


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