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I’m Jess. I’m a coffee drinker, Netflix watcher and an Ottawa wedding photographer. However, please note that my number one talent is laughing too loud. I’ve learnt to make my peace with it. I am, however, very sorry for all the sleeping babies who woke up crying.


Me and my husband Jordan live in Brockville, Ontario a beautiful small town in between Kingston and Ottawa. On most days, you can find me travelling anywhere in eastern Ontario for a wedding, pretending to be a botanical prodigy or taking a walk outside. 

My friend Audrey lives in the Dominican Republic and I’ve been able to visit her for a few months at a time. Living a very simple life has brought a lot of perspective. I never take hot showers for granted. Or wifi. Or electricity. 

When I came back to Canada, my sister dragged me to a get together and I met a guy who had a cool looking flask. I couldn’t remember his name for months after that so I called him the flask guy. At the age of 23, with a crown of succulents on my head + barefoot, I married him. The english gentleman married the french girl. We’re currently drafting what our future looks like. So far, it involves more travel and a kitten who appears to be evil.








I’d say minimalism deeply influences the way I photograph weddings. The cleaner an image looks, the better.  I’m a fan of simplicity, white on white decor and the natural light that’s found outdoors. I have a clean + airy aesthetic. If you’re looking for an Ottawa wedding photographer click here to see my work. Past clients often tells me how much fun they had and how they appreciated my organized yet laid back approach to wedding photography.

In this fast paced world we live in, I like to slow it down for my couples on their wedding day. 

If this resonates with you,

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