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Herb garden wedding


Ryan and Alex wanted their wedding day to be intentional and organic. Although they live in Ottawa, they had a special place in mind. An herb garden wedding at The Opinicon.  The Opinicon was recently renovated and oh my it did not disappoint. As an Ottawa wedding photographer who loves travel, I was more than happy for the nice drive. I love the carefree and bohemian vibe this place has with it’s beautiful herb garden. An herb garden wedding is about as earthy and romantic as it sounds.

They decided to have a first look as they wanted the be present and focus on each other. Ryan waited by the docks while his barefoot bride walked to him. They took the time to enjoy and get their wedding portraits done before the ceremony. The Bridal party’s colour scheme consisted of blues, greys and taupes. The bridesmaids had gorgeous bouquets made out of Dusty Miller, roses and Blue Thistle. The newlyweds mingled with their guests at cocktail hour. With a glass of their own home brewed beer they had made months before.

The opinicon

They also had time to thank and welcome each and every guests by having a receiving line before dinner. This left me speechless. Wedding days goes by so fast after all but the bride and groom made sure to make time for what counts. Ryan + Alex, during the time I got to know you, I have grown to love you and I have so much respect for you. Your wedding day was truly focused on your marriage. It was an honour to document this day.

herb garden weddingherb garden wedding bridal detailsherb garden wedding bridal detailsWhen a wedding is near the herb garden, you ‘borrow’ some herbs for bridal detail shots. herb garden wedding bridal detailsherb garden wedding groom detailsherb garden wedding groom details herb garden wedding first lookherb garden wedding first lookherb garden wedding The bride wore a wedding dress made of a long sleeve lace top paired with a tulle skirt. The groom wore a grey suit with navy accents.herb garden wedding lockstation herb garden wedding herb garden wedding Chaffey’s lock is two steps from the Lockmaster’s house museum built in 1844. herb garden wedding herb garden wedding herb garden wedding herb garden wedding herb garden wedding herb-garden-wedding-ottawa-wedding-photographer herb garden wedding ceremonyherb garden wedding ceremonyherb garden wedding ceremonyFinally husband and wife !herb garden wedding ceremony the opinicon lakeThe blue of that Opinicon lake gives me shills. That shimmery iridescent blue.herb garden weddingherb garden wedding bridal partyThey nailed the mix and matched bridesmaids dresses. The cool toned blues and neutrals goes so well together. herb garden weddingherb garden wedding capital florist ottawaherb garden wedding bridal partyherb garden wedding bridal partyherb garden weddingherb garden weddingThe bride and groom walking in the herb garden. herb garden weddingThe herb garden was the perfect setting for the bride and groom’s wedding portraits. It gave an earthy and romantic atmosphere. opinicon weddingopinicon weddingThe Opinicon dinning and resort is the perfect fit for relaxing on a wedding day.opinicon weddingopinicon weddingopinicon weddingopinicon wedding tableThe white on white decor is minimalistic yet so elegant.  opinicon wedding tableopinicon wedding

The team who brought this herb garden wedding to life.

Venue: The Opinicon Hotel and Resort  

Wedding day coordinator: Rebecca Brunet

Invitations: Ryan Way 

Florist: Capital Florist 

Wedding dress:  The topper made by Alex’s bridesmaid Anita 

The long skirt was purchased on eBay and the short skirt comes from Space46 Boutique 

Groom’s suit: Jimmy the Suit Guy

Hairstylist: A cousin of the bride

Makeup artist of bride: The bride

DJ/band: Riq Turner Band 

Videographer: Bird Bouchard

Second shooter: Jordan Turner

Ottawa wedding photographer: Jessi Lauren, Ottawa wedding photographer

This herb garden wedding was photographed by Jessi Lauren an Ottawa wedding Photographer. She photographs weddings in Ottawa, Kingston, Belleville, Toronto and beyond. Herb garden wedding photography.

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