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Ottawa couple photographer Lansdowne park Engagement

Lansdowne park engagement

First year at Carleton university in Ottawa. Alexandra was taking a nap in her residence room before she had to meet up with her friend Kevin for dinner. She was a 17 year old from Windsor. A knock on the door awakened her and in a rush with an imprint of her pillow case on her face, opened the door expecting her friend. She found herself staring into a stranger’s big brown eyes. The boy across the hall who woke her up wasn’t Kevin. His name was Ryan.

Ryan was in the same class as Kevin and had been invited to join them. That initial spark grew into a flame and they fell in love fast. The way you do when you’re young. Without hesitation, without any regards for potential loss, only with reckless abandon. However, they didn’t know it at that time that they would plan for their herb garden wedding by the lake at The Opinicon nor plan for their Lansdowne park engagement.

Ottawa couple photographer

They like to say that they grew up together this past seven years. Ryan and Alex had known that they wanted to spend the rest of their days with each other but wanted to experience life first and take very deliberate steps towards marriage and building a strong foundation. They went through university, started life and work, and recently bought a home together. Last year they had found a ring for Alex and she hand made his bentwood ring out of a wooden plank from his parents boat. They put them in a drawer until the right moment.

Finally, on a lazy Sunday evening, Ryan went to the kitchen to make them drinks. Alex maybe got a bit impatient and decided to go help. She surprised Ryan with the rings out from the drawer. She looked at the ring, he looked at her and said, ’Well, do you want to?’ Alex said: ‘Of course!’ And they danced alone in the kitchen. Without their drinks, in their new home and with each other to hold.


The first part of the engagement session was taken at Craft Beer Market in Ottawa. Thank you to Craft Beer Market for bringing a complimentary bottle of sparkling wine when they heard Alex and Ryan were engaged. The second part was taken at Lansdowne park in Ottawa. Alexandra had her makeup done at Sephora in Bayshore mall.

This Lansdowne park engagement was photographed by Jessi Lauren an Ottawa wedding Photographer. She photographs couples in Ottawa and world wide.

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