fresh + natural for the laid back couple in love

Hi! I’m Jessi an Ottawa wedding photographer. I photograph couples in Ottawa Ontario and world wide. I’m also a professional shower singer and an unprofessional parallel parker. I enjoy travel. If shoes are optional, I’m barefoot. 

My photographic style is bright, clean and airy with an emphasis on small details. As an Ottawa wedding photographer, getting to connect with genuine people is what I live for. Shakespeare ended most of his plays with a wedding. Yet, I believe your wedding day is only the beginning. My Ottawa wedding photography serves as a reminder of the starting point. To never forget exactly who you were and how you felt on your wedding day.

Since I’m a natural light photographer, I have a big love for the outdoors as you can imagine. I love to focus on moments and value simplicity. Past clients often say how much fun they had in front of my camera. Most of all, genuine human connection and relationships are my inspiration. My Ottawa wedding photography has always been about relationships. Unfolding and ever changing. Looking for an Ottawa wedding photographer?

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Jessi Lauren is a professional Ottawa wedding photographer. Lifestyle, fine art and natural light wedding photography for couples in Ottawa and world wide.