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Hi! I’m Jessi. I’m a Ottawa wedding photographer. I photograph couples in Ottawa and world wide. I enjoy all things minimalists and deeply enjoy travel. If shoes are optional, I’m barefoot. I romanticize everything. I blame it on reading too many classics growing up. Shakespeare ended most of his plays with a wedding. But I believe weddings are only the beginning. My Ottawa wedding photography serves as a reminder of the starting point. To never forget exactly who you were and how you felt on your wedding day.

My love for weddings can only be enhanced by my love for the natural elements. Water being my favourite. I love to prioritize moments and value simplicity. My intent is to create images that reflects the way you love while you’re enjoying yourself. My photographic style is bright, clean and airy with an emphasis on small details. As an Ottawa wedding photographer, travel keeps me inspired. Getting to meet and connect with genuine people is what I live for.

As a lifestyle and natural light photographer, I love to photograph couples outdoors. As well as incorporate personal elements to your photos. Past clients often say how much fun they had in front of my camera. Also, how they appreciate my organized yet laid back approach to wedding photography.

Wedding days are stories I want to tell from beginning to end. I’m told my work is a mix of joy, calm and delicateness. Looking for an Ottawa wedding photographer ? If you love my minimalistic and storytelling approach to wedding photography, I couldn’t be happier!

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Jessi Lauren is a professional Ottawa wedding photographer. Lifestyle and natural light wedding photography for couples in Ottawa and world wide.